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Friday, June 3, 2016

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

In case you are heading out to the movies this weekend, feel free to put this one on your list.  I read it as part of my " review series" this year....reading all of the 2016 books to movies.  I got my list here. 
I don't even care what books are being made into movies anymore this year.  I can't imagine a better one than this.  Think Jodi Picoult on steroids. Or think An Affair to Remember in modern times.  Or just take my advice and go.  (But you have to promise to read the book after you see the movie).  Jojo Moyes wrote a bestseller with this one. 
And if you're thinking it will be a hard sell to your husband/boyfriend/partner-in-crime, remind him that Emilia Clarke is the female lead.  If he's still not convinced, remind him that she plays Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.  You know, the Mother of Dragons.   That should help. 

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Steadman

In my never-ending quest to procrastinate my mom duties, I finished yet another book.  You'll remember that I'm reading and reviewing all of the 2016 books to movies, and The Light Between Oceans is installment number two.  Unlike the first one, The Circle, which I reviewed last month, I actually enjoyed this one.  Set off the coast of western Australia, The Light Between Oceans tells the story of a couple that find a lone infant adrift in a boat.  Struggling with the loss of multiple recent miscarriages, the baby seems like the perfect miracle.  Over time though, circumstances change.  New "parents" Isabel and Tom don't necessarily agree on decisions that must be made.  As light keeper, Tom has a duty to report all vessels that come in and out of his landing.  However, this conflicts with his deepest desire of wanting to heal his broken-hearted wife.  It's a good story and doesn't read as far-fetched as it sounds on the book jacket (a baby just HAPPENS to float by in a boat? Come on!).   

The movie is set to release in September of this year.  Unfortunately, I am old enough and far enough removed from the Hollywood scene that I had to Google who the actors are that were cast for this one.  Michael Fassbender? Alicia Vikander? Anyone? Anyway, it turns out that I'm also old enough to have plantar faschitis in my right foot.  So now when I'm reading, I'm rolling my foot over this torture device.  At least I don't need reading glasses yet, right?

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Circle by Dave Eggers

Somewhere between making school lunches, keeping up with the maintenance on this 100-year old house the Army is allowing us to live in AND being the best wife ever, I decided I would read (and review) the 2016 books being made into movies.  I got the list from my new friends at PopSugar.  They are excellent at posting articles about stuff like this, you know.  You can see the full list here:     Or you can just wait and I'll post their reviews here every few weeks.  Deal?

The Circle was not my favorite so far this year but not my least favorite, either.  I was especially intrigued because the author is a fellow Illini (Oske-Wow-Wow!) and because the movie stars Emma Watson and Tom Hanks.  Sounds good, right? Well not so much, in my opinion.  It starts as a hopeful story of a young professional ready to take on the world with her new dream job in corporate America. The tech company she works for is more far-reaching than she bargains for, yet she goes along with it in order to keep the peace. She sacrifices friendships, family and ultimately herself as the company develops more and more overreach at her expense.  She becomes the poster girl for government transparency in this novel that is almost TOO far-fetched. 

Even though I didn't love this book, I am interested in seeing how the movie plays out.  There are parts of it (the mystery man who may or may not be be stalking her at work and her relationship with her aging/sick parents) that could add some real suspense to an otherwise partially predictable book.  It will probably end up being a rental though, because I've already read two more that I liked way better than The Circle.  And it will also end up being a rental because I don't like going to movie theatres.  But that's a post (or three) for another time. 

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