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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The One that Got Away by Melissa Pimentel

This was a fun little romance book, but a bit on the shallow side. Ruby is a professional (ad man) in NYC, getting ready to attend her younger sister's wedding in a castle in England. Her sister is marrying her ex's best friend, so she'll be seeing him for the first time in years. While she's become successful in her firm, he's become some mega-app billionaire type. She has a secret about why they broke up, and she's not sure that she doesn't have some feelings left for him.
She's likeable, as is he - though you don't really get to know him at all. The story is told in "now" and "then" format, and while we get a couple of "then" from his view, we don't know why they fell in love in the first place, and we don't get any "now" from him at all. We get her thoughts from both time frames, but we still don't know why she fell so in love with him in the first place, besides him being cute. 

There are added complications with Ruby's father, and the wedding, and it's romance, so things are good in the end. The secret was NOT what I was expecting - if it had been what I thought, I think I'd have liked the book more because it would have been deeper. 

I finished it in one day, it moved along fine, but it's a pretty basic, easy romance that isn't going to be all that memorable for me.

There is mention of sexual acts, but no sex scenes at all - very very PG rated.

I happened to receive a preview of the British publisher's version free from NetGalley in exchange for a review, and it is set to be published on 2/28/17. However, I see that the American version should be published on Thursday of this week. ;) There were a few British spelling changes, but I would assume otherwise that the book remains the same.

Not a bad choice if you enjoy pure romance without suspense, mystery, or sex.  ;)
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