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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Twice as Wicked by Elizabeth Bright

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I was offered Twice as Wicked in e-reader format by NetGalley in exchange for a review. I chose it because of my long-lasting, slightly-loath-to-admit love for Regency romances. ;)

This is a nice and easy rendition of the classic Regency. Alice is a twin, whose sister has passed away, sent away in shame to give birth out of wedlock. Her sister refused to name the father, and Alice spends a while in mourning. When she finally decides to go through her sister's things, she finds a clue to the identity of the father and decides to find him and exact revenge for her sister's abandonment and subsequent death.

However, when she finally meets and finds the seeming culprit, Nathaniel Eastwood, a peer (of course), she is confused. He doesn't seem like a heartless rake, and she rather enjoys his company. He has his own troubles - it seems quite clear that someone is trying to murder him, and he suspects that Alice is part of that plot.

General romance book confusion ensues, along with the need to figure out who's really got murder in mind, but it's well-written and the characters are pretty well developed. Alice winds up doing a lot of soul-searching on how to be a twin without a sibling, and Nathaniel's relationship with his family is a growth experience. I enjoyed the plot, though the ending seemed a bit rushed, and I was wrong about something I suspected would occur, which was disappointing.

In a quick search, it seems like it's this author's first book, but I notice that the cover reads "Wicked Secrets Series" so there may be more on the way. If there are more, I'll keep reading.

The book will be released on Monday, 10/9/17, and it looks like will offer it on Kindle for $.99, which is a great deal - it doesn't feel like a "cheap" read.

Fans of historical romance should like this one. Pin It