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Monday, March 7, 2011

California Schemin' by Kate George

This book is an action-packed bi-coastal romp with a heroine I will keep following.  Our heroine witnesses a death (more or less) and, like a good citizen, contacts the authorities. This brings Bree nothing but trouble--break ins, threats to her friends, and kidnapping--until the man responsible for the death is stopped.

The story was fun, but I would call it “okay” instead of “good” for one little reason and one big reason.  First, the minor point, I was slow to warm up to the characters because I felt like I had been dropped down into the middle of a two-part mini-series.  If I had read the first book, Moonlighting in Vermont, I might have felt differently.  (Of course, if I had read the first one and the second then contained tons of back story, I would have been annoyed.  I know this about myself.  That's why this is a minor note.)

Second and more importantly, I love mysteries because they satisfy my inner Nancy Drew.  I want to piece through the clues and evidence and try to figure out "who done it" before the author reveals the answer.  Because Bree's time was spent running for her life and rescuing her boyfriend, my inner Nancy Drew was left uninvolved.

Despite poor Miss Drew’s dissatisfaction, I will go back and read the first book (Moonlighting in Vermont).  Also, there were two characters in this book that I hope make it into future books: man of intrigue, Richard Hambecker, and the FBI agent, Madison Truefellow.
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  1. NOW I know where Natalie gets her "Super Secret Spy" gene from!