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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweet Valley High Confidential, 10 years later...

I'm sorry, but this post could JUST.NOT.WAIT. 

I can still remember tracing my fingers over the spine of every single Sweet Valley High book on my bookshelf while dreaming up new ways to earn money so I could buy the next one in the series. Ahhhh.  Those were the good old days.

So how in the world did I miss that the author of the original series, Francine Pascal, had released Sweet Valley High Confidential, 10 Years Later....??  Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are back?  Clearly I have not been spending near enough time surfing the web for useless information as I should be.  I owe it to the nine followers of this blog to know these things, don't you think?  Here is where I insert my shameless plug to click that little "Follow" button on the right toolbar.  (It makes us happy, so go ahead).  You wouldn't want to miss any more exciting book news, would you?

And yes, I bought the book and have started reading it.  And yes, it will be my next review.  And yes, I am probably going to reread all of my Sweet Valley High's now. Pin It

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