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Monday, May 2, 2011

Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman

Amy says:
Phew!  After I made the terrible mistake of reading my last selection, I was worried the other two authors of this blog (and all 12 of our loyal followers) would disown me.  Never fear!  I am happy to redeem myself with a book worthy of being put in to print.

I found Baltimore Blues by accident when I was looking for a gift for one of my son's teachers.  She was born and raised here in Maryland and is an avid reader (one of the many reasons I love her).  I was searching for a book to keep her mind off of her son's impending deployment to Afghanistan (she's an Army mom, yet another reason why I love her) and thought a light mystery would be the perfect fit.  The title just about jumped off the shelf at me.  Then I read the jacket and learned the main character is a spunky reporter/private investigator born and raised in Baltimore.  Perfect!

(Confession:  I thought about just reading the copy I bought before I gave it to her, but I didn't.  I bought my own copy and read it in about 3 days.)  It is a light read, but I really enjoyed it.  I think the best part for me were the references to Baltimore.  Maybe it's because I have been a nomad
Army wife for 13 years, or maybe it's just because I like to feel connected to something, but I love reading about places that are familiar to me.  I found myself saying outloud, "Hey!  I know where that is!"  Whether Tess, the main character, was talking about her favorite restaurant or her morning rowing sessions on the Patapsco River, the book kept me interested.  It's not going to win a Pulitzer, but was fun to read. 

Have a favorite book about someplace you have lived?  I'd love to hear about it!

From Publisher's Weekly:  Downsized ex-reporter Tess Monaghan spends her days working part-time at the bookstore owned by sexy Aunt Kitty and trying not to fall into the disgustingly polluted Patapsco from her city-owned boat. When rowing buddy Rocky pays her what looks like a fortune to follow his fiance, the trail leads to murder with Rocky the prime suspect. Pin It


  1. I like pretty much all the Laura Lippman books.

    She has the Tess ones set in Baltimore and others set in the county.

  2. I've been reading these for a few years. Up until the last one, I love them. You can make your own judgment on it... Tess isn't the most comfortable character for me, but I find them all (again, with the one exception) to be well-written and very entertaining! :)

  3. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and The Perks of Being a Wallflower are two of my favorites about my hometown =)