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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Just sitting down to write this review makes me want to read the book again.  If you missed my review of the first in this series, The Hunger Games, or just haven't gotten around to reading it yet (I'm talking to you, Sarah Gallagher) you can read it here.  I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire back to back because I simply couldn't get enough of the main characters, Katniss and Peeta.  I will go one step further and admit I got so wrapped up in them that I had dreams about being chosen for the Games myself.  To be fair, I've also had dreams that I was a Bluth on Arrested Development, had coffee with Chandler, Joey and Phoebe on Friends and fought crime with Lenny and Mike on Law & Order.  As you can see,  I take my books and my tv shows seriously.

Catching Fire starts right where The Hunger Games left off.  Just as Katniss and Peeta are set to make the rounds on their victory tour, Katniss gets a visit from President Snow.   It seems he's not too thrilled with Katniss and how the Games ended.  Now Katniss must figure out a way to convince everyone that she and Peeta are really in love or risk yet another unthinkable fate.   And that, my friends, is all of the plot I am going to reveal in this review.  This book and it's multiple thrilling plot twists is too good to spoil here.  You'll have to read it for yourself.

Instead, let me point out some reasons why I love this book (and well, the entire series).  As I already mentioned, I love my tv shows.  Reading this book makes me feel almost as if I am watching a tv reality show.  If you hate reality shows, don't let that stop you from reading this series.  (The characters are WAY more endearing than anything you'll see on Jerseylicious or Housewives).  What I liked most is that the characters didn't change from the first book.  Katniss is still Katniss.  Her sense of duty and responsibility is unwavering, her love for family was almost intensified.  Peeta was still Peeta, too.  He stayed consistent, kind and devoted, just like I hoped he would.  In other words, the author didn't feel the need to alter the characters from the first book which made me happy. 

I worried that the suspense element would suffer in this book too and I am happy to report that I was wrong.  Part of me wanted poor Katniss and Peeta to return from the games and kick back and enjoy themselves into old age.  But the other part of me (you know, the part that loves good books) wanted more gut-wrenching drama.  I wanted more plot twists, more of Katniss outsmarting the Capitol and quirte simply... more butt-kicking awesomeness.  The author delivered.

If you've read these books PLEASE back me up here!  Comment and tell me/us what you think.  If not, put it on your summer reading list.  Everyone needs some "butt-kicking awesomeness" in their summer, don't you think?

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  1. 1. Any post that has both Arrested Development and Jerseylicious automatically makes my day.
    2. Were you a specific Bluth or you AS a Bluth? I think I'd like to be the mom. Or maybe Buster. Or maybe Maybe. :)
    3. Fine. I'll read it just as soon as I'm down with the OBX one. about two years.

  2. I want to finish the series, but haven't done it yet. That makes about 47 books I need to get to.

  3. I was a Bluth...not a specific one. Just me, Amy Bluth. I don't even want to know what that means. When are we supposed to have the OBX book read by? Mine hasn't come in the mail yet.

  4. I loved all three books! I also read the series straight through I couldn't help myself. My husband was a little annoyed...his says that I ignored him for two weeks. I hope the movies live up to the books