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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tailspin by Catherine Coulter

Had I taken the time to think this out a little more, I suppose my review should have been a bit more patriotic.  I mean, it IS our nation's birthday.  And I do so love my country.  But I spent the last 10 days on vacation and books about America were in short supply.  What was in abundant supply however, was time to read.  (There would have been much more time to read if I didn't have to do all of the driving, but I will keep my complaining to a minimum and get to the review).

When I walked into our rustic cottage in Crystal Falls, MI last week Catherine Coulter's book, "Tailspin" almost jumped off the crooked bookshelf at me.  You see, I have been going to that cabin almost every summer since 1989 and there is NEVER a new book on the bookshelf.  NEVER.  Another renter must have left it by mistake.  It was like it was meant to be.  Well, that and I left my nook charger back in Illinois.  Yay for forgetful renters!

Upon reading the book jacket I find out "Tailspin" is the 12th in Coulter's FBI series.  Oops.  I like to read a series in order (one of the many traits I get from my mom), but beggars can't be choosers.  Coulter made sure I wasn't left hanging, though.  She did a fine job of making sure I had all the pertinent background info to feel right at home picking up this book.

The book grabbed me on the very first page with the main character, Rachael fighting for her life at the bottom of a lake.  Not bad, huh?  By the end of the first chapter it is also revealed that Rachael is the illegitimate daughter of a recently murdered  US Senator and she suspects her aunt and uncle are now plotting to have her killed.  A terrifying yet believable chain of events lead her to team up with FBI Special Agent Jack Crowne.  Together they seek to find out who is behind the repeated attempts on her life and the murder of her father while trying to stay alive themselves. 

This book was the perfect vacation read.  Suspense, decent plot, likeable characters, family had it all.  But it didn't have too much of it.  It had just the right mix to keep me interested instead of being annoyed and  wishing the book would hurry up and end.  The fact that a good portion of this book was set in Maryland near where I live didn't hurt either.  The more connections I have to a book, the more I like it.

The next time I forget my nook charger, I'll have to remember Ms. Coulter and her FBI series.  If that happens, will somone please remind me to start with the first in the series.  Forgetfulness is another trait I get from my mom. 

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