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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year; new ways to feed your addiction

So we've all discussed how we kind of hoard books in all forms.  We read compulsively.  We like to talk to people about reading, particularly about books we have in common.  Or books we should have in common.  Talking about books feeds our reading addiction.  We talk about books to you and then you tell us about books you've read and then we have MORE books we want to read!  It's a wonderful, vicious cycle. 

Just to make sure this wonderful, vicious cycle continues, we're going to start giving books away.  (And if this makes us seem even more awesome than we already were, so be it.  We can handle it.)  We have books we want to give you.  Yes, yes, we're amazingly generous, it's true.  I mean, who doesn't want free books?!  OK, fine.  We might get a little something out of it......I guess it helps feed our addiction if you have books to talk about with us.  But really, we came up with the idea because we're awesome and we think you're awesome too.

Here's the deal
Once a month, one of us will write a review and then we'll run a give-away for that book or a related book.  For example, one month we might review a cookbook and give away the cookbook author's biography.  Or we might give away the actual cookbook.  We're crazy like that.  These are all books purchased by one of us (Amy, Carrie, or Sarah).  And in order to garner the free book you'll need to follow the guidelines in the review of the giveaway.  It's that simple.  Our first give-away starts now incidentally.  Just look below for Sarah's review of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and enter! We're that awesome.  And so are you.  But we have to warn you, this reading thing is addictive. Pin It

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