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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who's excited?

We are!  We're excited to introduce our new (so sparkly, so shiny, so pretty!) book blog!  Never fear, we're not abandoning our semi-regular set up here at The Family Addiction.  We're just adding on.  Cause, you know, it's an addiction.

The new blog can be found here at BeTween Books.  It's focus will be that in-between stage, where one might not be ready to tackle Charlaine Harris or Voltaire (I hear they get compared a lot), but is sooooo over (insert pre-pubescent/adolescent eye roll and disdain) beginning-to-read chapter books.  That time of life when you're done with primers but aren't allowed to watch all of prime time....the tween stage.  So if you have your own children in that stage, or you buy books for someone else's children in that stage, or you ARE a child young adult in that stage, check out the reviews to help you find great books.

For this endeavor, we recruited a friend of the family.  She is also a voracious reader and has two boys that she's leading down the same wonderful path.  Carrie, Amy and I will also be posting, but Chanin is starting us off today with a review of The Undrowned Child.  Chanin's awesome, the review is great, and we're really excited!  Can you tell?!  So stop on over there and sign up so you don't miss any of the reviews.  Happy reading!
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