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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Hunt by Jan Neuharth

Look at that!  I taught myself how to insert a picture of the book cover!  Fancy, huh?  Sadly, this may be the most exciting part of this review. 

The Hunt is set in Virginia, just outside of DC, and tells the story of a wealthy lawyer and horseman named Doug Cummings.  Poor Doug becomes the victim of a scheme to frame him for murder when his lover and horse groom are killed.  (I didn't know what a horse groom was either, don't feel bad).  The local sheriff's deputy has it in for him and it appears the media does too.  Doug must take matters into his own hands in order to prove his innocence because even his own attorney thinks he is guilty.

Sound kind of lame?  It was.  I found that it started slow and never really picked up speed.  If it is a good mystery, I'm usually hooked by at least Chapter 3.  By Chapter 3 of The Hunt I was already planning my next read. The biggest issue stems from the fact that I never felt connected to Doug.  The author depicted him as a single, distinguished lawyer who kept to himself and whose favorite pastime was hanging out in the barn with his horses.  As a result, he came across as aloof and uncommitted.  The deputy sheriff in the novel was a modern-day Barney Fife with an anger management problem, if you can wrap your mind around that.  Honestly, the only character in the book that struck a chord with me was the housekeeper.  Her commitment and loyalty to Doug throughout the story was the lone highlight, in my opinion.

The extremely predictable ending lends itself to a sequel, or worse yet, a series. Figures. I finally read the first in a series and it turns out to be a dud. I think I'll go back to reading a series out of order.  I have better luck that way.

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