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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

If you're a Kindle person, act now.  Follow this link and Moon Dance is free right now.  At that price, it's totally worth it.

Oops.  That was a little meaner than it should have been.  Moon Dance is worth at least the 99 cents I paid for it at Barnes & Noble.

Moon Dance is a paranormal-mystery-romance with characters that I either didn't like or wouldn't as well developed as I would like.

Samantha Moon is the main character, and she's a former federal agent who has become a private investigator.  Her job change followed an even bigger change from typical suburban mom with kids and carpools to atypical suburban mom with vampirism she's trying to disguise as an intense allergy to the sun.

Samantha gets hired to find out who shot a famous defense attorney.  She struggles to find the culprit just as she struggles with her new condition.  Her marriage is in upheaval, she's falling for her client, she's got a quasi-friendship, quasi-romance going with someone online, and her client has a major secret.  To top it all off, she allows her husband to blackmail into giving up the kids in their upcoming divorce based on some of seriously flimsy logic.  He claims that no judge will allow her access to her kids if he shows video evidence of her vampirism, but this book's "world" doesn't acknowledge vampires and werewolves and such.  So how in the world can a father file a "my ex is vampire and a danger to our kids" motion?  He'd be laughed out of court.

Samantha didn't elicit a lot of sympathy from me.  Her client wasn't a well-developed character, and the most interesting person in the story is one we never meet--the online pal.

Samantha does solve the mystery in the end, and she works on accepting her vampiric state.  This is  the first book of a four-book series, but I don't plan to stick around to see how much progress she makes. Pin It

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