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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Chicago Way by Michael Harvey

How did I not read this sooner?
I'm moving in less than 45 days.  Everywhere I look I see things that need to be cleaned, purged, fixed or put in a pile.  (I've chosen to completely avert my eyes as I walk by my children's rooms, by the way).  Last week as I was walking by the bookshelf I noticed two things.  1.  I really need to change out the Halloween liner in the basket on top of the bookshelf.  2.  I never read that book with the bright yellow cover my mom got me a few years ago.  I quickly tucked the liner down into the basket (you didn't really think I was going to remove it and put it back in the Halloween box in my storage outside, did you?) and grabbed the book.  And that got me where I am today.  No closer to being prepared for the movers but TOTALLY prepared to write this review.  Good enough.

Even if you are not from Chicago or have never visited (you need to!) you will like this book. If you happen to like crime dramas and have ever watched Cold Case Files on A&E narrated by Bill Kurtis, you will LOVE this book.  Michael Harvey (the author) actually created the series and became it's executive producer before writing this book.  As you can guess, it lends him some serious credibility as an author. 

The Cold Case Files series on television was non-fiction, but The Chicago Way is all fiction.  And it's all fiction in a gritty, corrupt, no-nonsense way that only crime fiction from Chicago can be.  Michael Kelly is an ex-cop turned private investigator who is trying to track down the killer of his ex-partner who just was found dead at Navy Pier.  He finds out the most recent case his ex-partner was working on was a rape and battery from over eight years ago.  Everyone associated with the case is now dead and Kelly fears a pattern may be emerging.  He enlists the help of a reporter from a well known Chicago tv station, some ex-buddies on the force, his best friend from childhood and a few others to try and solve the mystery.  Unfortunately, he uncovers more crime, more death and just for good measure, some more corruption.  The book is a non-stop test of Kelly's wits, stamina and emotions.  I really, really liked it.

You should go here.
When I read the jacket, I was afraid the details of the rape and all of the nastiness that goes with it would take center stage in the book.  Rest assured that it is not.  I can't even watch an entire episode of Law & Order SVU without getting emotional, so I was happy to find that the book was more about Kelly's actual hunt to find the killer.

Also unexpected but pleasantly surprising is Kelly's relationship with his childhood best friend, a female.  There is not enough of that in books these days and I think it is a nice touch.  Kelly also has a relationship (not the friendship kind) with the tv reporter.  I thought it was a bit rough around the edges but that all gets explained in the end and is Chicago, you know. 

Throw in some references to Wrigley Field and riding the EL and reading The Chicago Way was like home to me.  But that's not the only reason I liked it.  It's real, it tells a solid story and it keeps moving.  Kinda like me in 45 days. Pin It


  1. You had me until you said "Wrigley." I kid.

    Also, I move in fewer than 45 days yet I seem in capable of formulating a plan for said move. What is wrong with me? (Besides the fact that the movers won't CALL ME BACK!)

  2. Sounds like a good read to me. I loved Cold Case when it was on. Add another to my list of reads that just keeps growing. I don't move in 45 days or at least I hope not, but I still don't get things done either. Good luck with your move and good review.