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Monday, May 7, 2012

Witch Ever Way You Can by Deborah Blake

I don't know about you, but I need a break.

I have the world's most awesome job 48 weeks out of the year. Those other four weeks (midterms and finals) make for a bit of a mess of my office, my eating habits and my sleep cycle.  The end IS in sight, y'all.  We're almost there.

Just. Not. Quite.

Despite only having 64 total students, I swear I graded ONE MILLION papers today.

Yes, that's my office floor.
No, there's no more room
on the desktop.
It's nobody's fault but my own.  I have yet to figure out how to assign grades without actually assigning, um, assignments.

At a time like this, when I'm trying to remember if I left my brain on Spring Break or if it was an earlier time, I need a nice, easy distraction.  Nothing that makes my heart or my head hurt.  I need an HEA.*

*That's Happily Ever After for those of you who don't normally read romance.

And I have a fantastic and fun HEA for you today in Witch Ever Way You Can by Deborah Blake.  As a matter of fact, when I hit "publish" on this bad boy, I'm going to go home, collapse and re-read this one myself.  Not only is it fantastic and fun, it's also a bargain.  (And not just for me because I'm re-reading it. If you buy it now, it's only $2.99 at AND

Deirdre Connelly is a witch in real life (well, in the book, but you probably understood that.)  She's also an author who caught the eye of an eccentric corporate tycoon when she did an appearance on a popular morning show.  He wants her help, her magical help, with an ancient artifact that he's become quite obsessed with.  In order to convince Deirdre to help him, he sets up a meeting between the witch and her television crush, Robert Daniel Addison.  What starts out as a dinner date (with the actor) and a midnight meeting (with the tycoon) turns into a drawn-out, life-threatening adventure for Deirdre when the artifact responds to Deirdre's witchy ways instead of the tycoon's fervent wishes.

Deirdre is forced to temporarily abandon her home and her cats in order to pacify the tycoon and (hopefully) regain control of her own life.  On the bright side, her TV crush turns out to be a gentleman and hero, but on the downside, well, that temporary displacement is really just a thinly veiled imprisonment for both Deirdre and the TV hottie.  It takes quick thinking, teamwork, courage and determination to escape Mr. Obsession and do what's right with the artifact.  Despite fully expecting that HEA, I was left wondering how Deirdre and Robert Daniel were going to make it all happen.

(And I'm not spoiling the ending.  Read it yourself!)

I don't know about you, but I still need a break, and Witch Ever Way You Can is just the thing we all need. Pin It


  1. O.K. I'm ordering this book today. There are definitely times when I just want to read a book that ends the way I want it to end. I am an optimist, a romantic, a HEA person. Thanks for suggesting this book. Sounds like a good book to read while watching the grandkids swim this summer. Can't wait for both.

  2. Thanks for the great review, Carrie! I had a lot of fun writing this book (and the short story that follows it) and I am always so happy when people enjoy it.

    As a former teacher, you have my sympathy with the midterms and finals!