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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

Urbania, Italy, my current home away from home
(almost 5,000 miles from home and seven hours ahead of CDT)
I have good news and bad news.  Which should I share first?

I can't hear you.  I don't know if it's the distance or the time difference, but you're doing a lousy job of making your wishes heard.

Seriously, you need to learn to speak up.  I will, however, persevere.

Let's go with the good news.  
I read a book. (Yes!) 
It rocked.  (Yes! Yes!) 
It's part of a new series. (Yes! Yes! Yes!)

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire is the first of the InCryptid series.  Verity Price, of those Prices, is living in Manhattan trying to balance her love for competitive ballroom dance and her family's vocation.  The Prices, you see, are dedicated to studying and preserving cryptids (creatures not proven to exist) that can peaceably co-exist with humans.  Other cryptids don't exactly DO peaceable, so the Prices are prepared to rehabilitate or extinguish the mean and nasty things that go bump in the night.  Very's parents and siblings are dedicated to the family mission, but she's torn between dance and duty.

In addition to the Prices who keep order with the cryptid community, the Order of St. George also has own opinion about how to deal with the atypical creatures.  The Order's way is a little harsh, so when Very realized that young, unmarried cryptids are disappearing from Manhattan AND that someone from the Order is in town, she's a bit alarmed and suspicious.
An excellent choice for DWTS fans

I won't give away any of the good stuff, but I will say that Very does get to the truth of the matter,  that the guy from the Order is a hottie and that Very has her hands full.

This was a fun book with free running (a type of parkour), ballroom dance, romance, boogie men, dragons, and ghouls.  I highly recommend it for fans of urban fantasy AND fans of "Dancing with the Stars".

But there's still some bad news.  
While this is part of a new series, it's currently a stand alone. (No!) 
The second book isn't tentatively scheduled to be released before March 2013.  (No! No!)
So if you finish the first and are dying to read the second, you're in for a wait. (No! No! No!)
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  1. I think Seanan McGuire has a couple of free, Price-Family-related short stories on her website though... :-)