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Friday, June 22, 2012

Carrie went to Italy and all I got were these stupid moving boxes or Fluke by Christopher Moore

Humpback whale, but the kind that doesn't eat people
I completely missed my last post's deadline.  In my defense I was without Internet with the exception of the free wifi available at the motel in Bristol, Virginia.  I chose not to write a post there because it was 11:30 at night when we pulled in (after being turned away at a hotel because we had a dog in our party, even though they advertised they were pet-friendly); I was tired from loading all our possessions on a moving truck earlier that day (well I didn't do any of the loading, but I was there cleaning the two tons of dog hair and various flotsam and jetsam that surface when moving any kind of children's toys) and then driving away from our home of two years.  When we got here to Maryland, we had a house to stay in but no possessions, so typing out a post while I had dinner with my family on the living room floor right before I went to sleep on the bedroom floor with either my two year old or my four year old was not that appealing.  But then last Thursday, my new love Maurice called to say he would be there with all of our stuff that morning.  He's a good man, Maurice; a shining example of Steve Miller Band lyrics.  Anyway, my point is that we've been in flux.  We are now slightly less fluxful.  So I will now stop whining and briefly tell you about yet another Christopher Moore book, and then I will go unpack some more (because those damn boxes multiply if you leave them unattended too long).

Fluke by Christopher Moore made me laugh in places, taught me a few things, and gave me pause in a couple of instances.  It was a good book.  Action nerd, Nate, studies the song of humpback whales.  He does this with money from a generous if eccentric philanthropist and with a slightly goth research assistant.  He's been hanging out in Hawaii studying the whale song for awhile, and he and his marine photographer friend Clay have got a good system going.  Then they hire a fake-Rasta surfer, Kona (ne Preston Applebaum of New Jersey), to help with the boats, and things starting getting weird.  The navy is doing something mysterious, Nate's research gets mostly destroyed, Clay's boat (his boat!) is sunk, a whale flukes Clay and Amy (goth research assistant) makes a rescue of mermaid quality.  And, oh yeah, Nate gets eaten by a humpback whale.  I know what you're thinking:  that's bound to give the whale indigestion.  Don't worry.  Turns out this whale is actually a ship....or an alien species of whale....or a combination of the two.  Regardless, it's not your average, run-of-the-mill 40 foot/40 ton endangered swimming creature.  Most notably it has "Bite Me!" written on its flukes and it can eat people without killing them.  I've seen several episodes of Octonauts and have been to Sea World at least a half-dozen times (making me a marine biologist), and I have yet to see such a creature.

It becomes apparent that Nate was chosen for faux death because he was getting too close to finding out about these faux whales.  There's a whole network of them swimming the world's waterways, and they're piloted by a hybrid species of "whaley boys", with crews of humans all of whom the rest of world believes to be mysteriously lost at sea.  Nate is taken to Gooville (whale ship central) and learns about the origins of the whale ships and their purpose.  In summation, the whale ships were created when humans started killing whales.  There's a lot more to the back story there, but I can see the box in the corner making eyes at the box by the desk and the faint sound of Barry White is in the air so that explanation will have to suffice.  If you like books that don't follow a prescribed formula and where the conflicts are original, pick up this book.  Once I get unpacked, I'll be reading the latest Toni Morrison novel and then I'll probably read another Christopher Moore book.  You have been warned.  Now I'm off to herd my children and take down some boxes.  Try not to be jealous.

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