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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cheating Again by Sarah

Um.  Er.  Well....

So you know how I love to read, right?  You know I love the way the words can come off the page and plant themselves in your mind so that it becomes hard to separate what is Book and what is Reality, right?  You know the way I love to learn new things, meet new people, laugh, cry, and then tell you all about it?  Right.  Well, I do.  But for some reason I haven't lately.  I haven't finished a new book in two weeks.  Unheard of! Inconceivable! Not good for a book blogger!  Fortunately, I have a family reunion at the end of this week and in order to go to said reunion I will be on a plane sans enfants for more than four hours.  I will have plenty of time to read.  So I promise my next post will be Exciting! Thought-Provoking! Humorous! Insightful!...and worthy of being read by more than just my mother.

What I have been doing is watching tv.  I know summer is an odd time to discuss television, as it is often the summer of our character development discontent, but I haven't been watching new tv. I've been watching reruns.  Every once in awhile I need to rewatch some of the shows I love, much like I reread To Kill a Mockingbird or HHGTTG or Beloved, to refresh my mind on all of the wonderful things these shows had to offer.  For me (this summer) that means watching Downton Abbey, Arrested Development, and Gilmore Girls; all three awesome in completely different ways.  I love the characters and families of these shows as if they were my own family.  I feel like I know them and that they exist only in some other part of the world, where I could find them if I needed to (which would be quite a trick in the case of Dowton Abbey as that would involve a fair amount of time travel).  I feel as if they would give me a book recommendation if I asked. Which is why this list is kind of perfect.  Someone, who should be given an award in my opinion - nothing huge or anything but at least a nice Certificate of Internet Appreciation, put together this list of what ten fictional characters from television have read.  And what do you know?! Rory Gilmore is up first.  After reading through the list, I realized I was a hybrid of Rory, Daria from MTV fame, and Lisa Simpson.  Sadly, I was not that surprised by that.  Who do you line up with literature-wise?  What are you watching this summer?

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  1. I missed the pilot, but have been watching "Bunheads." Yes, that's why I missed it. I couldn't bring myself to watch that title.

    HOWEVER, if you loved "Gilmore Girls," you'll love "Bunheads." It's written by the same woman, the dialogue is rattatatt funny, Sutton Foster is a broadway pro who fits on the small screen, and the younger actresses aren't all that annoying. There were some very sweet, moving moments in the second episode, so I might just go back and try to find the pilot on HULU or something.

    Oh, and I'm watching "Longmire," adapted from the book series, which is nothing like "Bunheads." Bullets instead of ballet, clipped phrases from unshaven men, cowboy hats and murder. It's also like the western casting version of "The Good Wife"-every single character actor you know has made an appearance. Throw in the regulars of Starbuck from BSG, Lou Diamond Phillips, the grandma from "Friday Night Lights," and you've got a winner. It's good stuff.