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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

I think my last post set a new record.  Six comments on the blog, numerous comments on my personal Facebook page and the blog's Facebook page (have you "Liked" us on there yet?) and something like 175 pageviews.  Thankfully, many of you were in agreement with my review of FSOG (that's right, it has it's own acronym now) and I didn't feel half as silly as I thought I was going to feel for thinking the book was a waste of my time.  This time around, I hope the same holds true.

After my review of FSOG I went Facebook stalking.  You know, when you read something that someone wrote on your wall so you click on their page and see where another person commented on their page then you click on that person and read stuff on their wall?  Yeah, well I did that and ended up finding a recommendation for Slammed.  A bunch of people on that page insisted Slammed was a "must read."  Pretending that conversation was intended for me, I downloaded it that night.

Slammed is really kind of a tragic story.  Layken is 18 years old and has recently moved to Michigan from Texas due to the unexpected death of her father.  Her mom works the night shift as a nurse so Layken must balance starting a new school at the beginning of her senior year as well as caring for her nine-year-old brother.  She handles being thrust into responsibility very well and even finds a fast friend in the same situation across the street.  Her neighbor Will is also raising his younger brother due to tragic circumstances.  They quickly fall for each other and just when Layken thinks Michigan might not turn out to be SO horrible, she sees Will at school the next day.  As in he is her third period teacher.  Oops.  In the best interest of both parties they decide to end their relationship but we all know it's never that easy, is it?  Tragedy strikes again and Layken and Will have no choice but to lean on each other.  At the risk of Will losing his job and his only means of financial support and Layken being expelled from school they continue their relationship.  Is it the right choice?  Can they make it through together?  Will love really conquer all? I liked the book enough not to spoil it for you, so I won't.

Like I said, I did like the book.  I was surprised at how much I liked the characters seeing as I have such strong feelings about student/teacher relationships.  (They are icky and wrong.  Did I mention they are icky?).  It was a bit unbelievable that the subject of school and jobs didn't come up in the days their relationship was new, but the author did a good job of covering for it in the book.  Layken and Will were very normal and real though, so I was able to look past it.

I think I would have liked the book more if it wasn't so sad.  Both families involved have been kicked in the gut with some really unfortunate circumstances and that's just not what I was in the mood to read.  (Disclaimer:  I haven't seen my kids in four weeks and that might have just a little bit to do with it..maybe.)   The writing was good, so please don't think it's not.  And I did read it in three days.  There is a sequel to this book called Point of Retreat that was released in April.  I will read that one too, just not right away.  I need something happy and uplifting right now seeing as I don't pick up my kids for another week.  Anyone have any recommendations or do I have to start Facebook stalking again? Pin It

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  1. I just FB stalked a book recommendation as well, but it sounds sad. So maybe wait? It's called What Alice Forgot. Look it up on Amazon and see what you think. It's totally Piccoult territory, I'm shocked it isn't by her. :-)