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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fizz by Ted Wright

(I received a free e-ARC of this book from Net Galley.)

This is me. Trying to put together a video presentation.
Clearly, I'm an idiot.  But clearly, teaching tools have changed.

I teach marketing.

That's my day job.

And trying to get my students ready for a career in marketing is a bit of a challenge right now.


Because we've moved away from the broadcast model of promotion.  Everyone has more than three TV channels.  In fact, most of us my students don't actually watch television anymore.  They might watch television shows, but they stream them.  All that means any "formulas" for promotional success are outmoded and outdated.


Because my students should know a lot about digital media.  And they only know enough to be dangerous.  They use it as consumers--not as creators, not strategically.

So, I'm constantly looking for information--blogs, books, videos, Storify--to help me get them prepared for a career of changing technology and change consumer habits.

And so I read Fizz: Harness the Power of Word of mouth Marketing to Drive Brand Growth by Ted Wright.

I'm glad I did.

At the heart of Fizz is the firm belief that good companies with good products have good stories to tell their customers.  And, equally importantly, that customers (and employees) are smart and can be trusted with more than sound bites of information.

This here book contains solid advice
 for both large and small organizations.
The author walks through the power of influencers (the people you want telling other people about your brand), how our consumption habits have changed, and finding your brand's story.

So basically, we walks through the what, the why and the how, and he does it for both large organizations and small.  He also explains that word of mouth is neither easy or free, but critical to a brand's success.

Why most casual readers aren't looking for a good marketing read, I'd definitely recommend this for small business owners, and it'll be required reading in class.

High praise, indeed!

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