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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Risking It All by Kati Wilde

(I received a free e-ARC of this novella from the authors for review.)
Yeah, I understand your conflicted feelings.

Perhaps you have a bit of a crush on Jax from "Sons of Anarchy"*.

Perhaps it's more than a bit.

And perhaps you're more than a little lost without the show.

Then I have a series of erotic novellas just for you.

Kati Wilde writes about the Hellfire Riders, a motorcycle club in the Pacific Northwest. The novellas are part of a coordinated effort with two other authors, Ruby Dixon and Ella Goode, to, in their own words, "write the kind of romances we love to read." Which would be romances that include strong women, alpha males and hot sex and danger.

Risking It All  was just released last week, and I devoured it.  It's the second book of three featuring Lily and Jack.  It's a standalone story; you can jump right in. (But the first one's sexy, too, so you may as well get them both. Betting It All is free right now while Risking It All is 99 cents.)
Very steamy.

Lily and Jack are both more than a little messed up from dysfunctional childhoods, but they're also smart and loyal and oh-so-hot together.  Risking It All has them trying to navigate their own issues as well as as the threat of a rival motorcycle club.

It's a quick read--in part because you won't want to tear your eyes from the page and in part because the author wants to give you just a tasty bit--90-ish pages.

To date, I've read all of the Motorcyle Club novellas, and Kati Wilde's are my favorite.  All of them are fun (and hot), but I find Kati's characters to be more fully developed and her alpha males a little more enlightened.  (So my Jax obsession is definitely obsession-lite.)

*For the uninitiated, "Sons of Anarchy" was a show that ran on FX about a family and its (in a?) outlaw motorcycle club.  That's Jax pictured above. He's no Prince Charming, but many, many women have seen him more than once upon a dream. Pin It

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